Increase the number of online users

Space Designer enhances your online presence by increasing your lead’s average visit duration up to 200%. Search engines take note of this sudden change in user activity and directs more visitors to your website.

We do SEO right. We will guide you on how to optimize your ad-words, meta-tags, and visitor flow to bring more customers to your website and improve your funnel. Your company will grow organically as your customers increasingly recommend your services.

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Generate more leads with fixed cost

Offer the best online architectural design tool to your visitors. Display your products and services using Space Designer’s high quality 3D renderings.

Success Story: MMC Construction started to generate new prospects 6 hours after the account activation. Read their Success Story →

Gain customer trust through effective communication

The level of customer service you provide has a major impact on customer loyalty and retention. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have a knowledgeable support staff to set high standards for the speed and quality of your service.

Give your sales representatives the best architectural communication and sales tools to animate their customer meetings. Design their projects and customize your products through immersive visualizations.

Our Enterprise License includes a two day training course to teach your sales and support staff how to use Space Designer during the sales process. They will be able to manage customer projects and propose ideas for their architectural space, materials and products.

Success Story: Carreneuf’s youngest salesman became the most efficient employee within a month by using Space Designer with his clients. Read their Success Story →

Enhance your products' visibility

You can integrate your 3D products catalog online, whether it's a house, apartment, kitchen, furniture or materials. We keep them in sync with your CAD files, BIM templates and e-commerce listings.

You can manage all of your assets through your online office such as:

  • Pricing and availability of your products
  • Descriptions and dimensions
  • Color and material options
  • List of your providers
  • and much more…

Improve sales effectiveness

With Space Designer, there is no heavy file transfer and efficient communication between client, salesperson and designer. With no loss of information, there are no misunderstandings.

If you already have an e-commerce platform, Space Designer can directly synchronize users, product tables, and the shopping cart. We already have plug-ins for:

If your shopping cart is not on the list, we will do the integration.

Want to do the integration yourself? We are here to support your developers. Take a look at Space Designer API →

Speed up your production process

Start with Space Designer and continue with the tools you already know. Space Designer exports for:

  • Revit respecting your template files and families in RTE
  • 3DSMax, Maya, Cinema4D, Sketchup, Unity, … in glTF and FBX formats, to create stunning renderings with market-leading tools
  • CAD tools like Autocad in DXF ;
  • Your presentations in vectorial PDF, ready to print in scale;
  • Your website, printed documents in high-resolution JPG and PNG.

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